Revolutionising Fit For Work onboarding

Reduce costs and effort while expediting your
Pre-Employment Assessments

What is PREMFA®

Our PREMFA® platform is an easy to use, secure and smart online system which digitally ranks candidates based on their work role requirements and their Fit For Work risk. 

PREMFA® assesses the medical (case history and medications) and physical (functionality) attributes of the potential employee to generate a Fit For Work risk score, which is used to determine if further assessments are required.

The PREMFA® Risk Assessment Process

PREMFA®-​ Smart. Reliable. Efficient. Risk-based.

The results from using the PREMFA® system to date include 72% of candidates not requiring either a pre-employment medical or functional assessment… it has improved the efficiency of our recruiting processes immensely and significantly improved a rapid project ramp up with no discernible increase in riskNovo Resources

“…we found the system to be user friendly, cost effective and reduced turnaround time by up to 60%, a critical consideration when dealing in the fast-moving shut down environment.F&G Cranes

Mobile friendly administration and data collection

Why choose PREMFA®

If you have candidates or employees who need a baseline health assessment done before they commence work, then consider PREMFA®. 

It reduces timeframes from weeks to minutes, which significantly reduces costs and increases onboarding efficiency.

  • Fast, easy and paper-free invitations and automated reminders save your People team in both time and effort.
  • Mobile friendly collection makes it quick and easy for new starters and regional candidates to complete their assessments effortlessly. 
  • Automated processing with PremoSMART® predictive algorithm, image analysis and machine learning. 
  • Easily scales so you can handle bulk recruitment.
  • Reduced costs, faster outcomes, increased efficiency and reduced workload -  your People team will thank you!

We are confident PREMFA® will revolutionise the
way you are handling Fit for Work.