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Streamlining Pre-Employment
Medicals and Functional Assessments

Expedite the on boarding process whilst significantly 

reducing the cost and effort to ensure fitness to 

work for both the employer and the candidate

PREMFA Platform

Our PREMFA platform is an easy to use, secure and smart cloud-based system that triages candidates based on the work role requirements and their fitness to work risk. 

PREMFA reduces costs, expedites the onboarding for low risk candidates and minimises onboarding team effort.

PREMFA Significantly Lowers Costs, Reduces Timeframes from Days to Minutes & Increases Onboarding Efficiency

Why use PREMFA

PREMFA by PremoSystems streamlines onboarding assessments for both your team and candidates 

Fast, easy and paper free invitations and automated reminders save Recruitment / Human Resources / People and Culture team effort and frustration 

Mobile friendly collection makes it quick and easy for new starters and mobile candidates to complete their assessments 

Automated processing with PremoSMART predictive algorithm, image analysis and machine learning 

Easily scales so you can handle bulk recruitment 

Reduced costs, faster outcomes, increased efficiency and reduced Recruitment / Human Resources / People and Culture team workload