Our goal

To revolutionise the pre-employment medicals and functional assessments process.

We Are Committed


Disrupting, innovating, being creative, and building on new ideas that translate into better solutions


Keeping systems simple, providing easy-to-use solutions, and making your work-life better


Delivering the best solutions


Showing a deep respect for our people and those of our clients, as well as for our community and environment


Performing at our best together. We do this when we remain focused on what matters, agree on process and measure outcomes

Our Story

PremoSystems was created by Mark Armstrong and Rox Dawson, both UWA graduates. Mark identified the wasted time, effort and cost involved in traditional pre-employment medical and functional assessments and knew that the same outcomes could be achieved using a more streamlined, consistent and scientific process. As CTO, Rox built the secure cloud platform for collecting, analysing and assessing employment candidate health risk.

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Our Team

PremoSystems Team Members

Mark Armstrong

Founder and Business Development

Mark Armstrong - Founder & Business Development

Mark is our pre-employment medical and functional assessment guru.

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Ciemone Kacey Rowbottam

Chief Executive Officer

Ciemone Kacey Rowbottam, CEO

Ciemone is our HR and leadership guru.

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Michael Thorley

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Thorley - COO

Mike is our commercial management guru.

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Rox Dawson

Chief Technology Officer

Rox Dawson - CTO

Rox is our technology guru.

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What we do

We work with employers and placement agencies to ensure costly medicals and functional assessments are only undertaken where risks are identified.

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Contact us to discuss how we can reduce the costs, time, effort and risks associated with assessing the suitability of candidates for their intended roles.