PREMFA® proven very effective in Novo Resources' recent shutdown

Novo Resources recently conducted a successful major shutdown of their Golden Eagle process plant located at the Nullagine Gold Project. In total there were approximately 80 personnel on site for a period of four days to complete all scheduled works. The companies involved included Auscub Service, Relines Australia, and JLZ Scaffolding.  

To ensure that each of these individuals were “fit for work” prior to arriving at site, Novo implemented PremoSystems' PREMFA® process. PREMFA® digitally assesses candidates based on their job role profiles, current physical conditioning and medical history, with immediate notification and recommendations sent to the issuer advising them whether the individual is low, medium or high risk and identifying if any further assessments should be undertaken.

As part of the Site Access process, Novo issued individuals with a link to complete the PREMFA® assessment. Having this system available meant that there were no delays in starting the shutdown due to personnel not being able to complete an “in person” medical prior to site arrival.

What Novo Resources said

"As shutdown crews often come straight off one shutdown to another, with very limited time to be able to complete any assessments in between, the ability to complete a 20 minute online assessment from whatever location they're currently at not only makes it simple and easy for the contracting companies and individuals, but it also provided Novo with the assurance that the personnel we are receiving on site are in a fit and healthy state to undertake the scope of works," Kevin Petersen, HST Manager Novo Resources, said.

According to Kevin, the Novo team likes using PREMFA® because it is:

  • Easy to set up individuals to be assessed
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to use
  • Quick
  • Accurate

An analysis of Novo's PREMFA® assessments and the shutdown achieved the following results:

  • 94% recommended for the shutdown work did not require any further medical and/or assessments after completing the PREMFA® process.
  • 4% were recommended for a medical and passed
  • 2% were recommended to undertake both a medical and functional assessment and passed.

What Auscub Service (contractor) said

Colleen Horton is the primary Administrator from Auscub Service and said that while her workers had never done a PREMFA® assessment before, Auscub was happy to comply with Novo's requirements for the shutdown conducted in January 2022.

"Our workers were pleasantly surprised at how easy the PREMFA® process was to do on their devices. If the workers had any queries they called me and I was able to assist them in sorting it out straight away due to the simplicity of the process," Colleen said. 

Colleen was impressed for most not having to go for a medical assessment prior to going to site, which reduced the work load for her directly but also the difficulty of confirming appointments for the workforce who were traveling from one site to the next.

Colleen also remarked that she would like to see other sites adopt the PREMFA® process.