Coogee Chemicals uses PREMFA® in formation of new chlorine response team

In February 2022 Coogee Chemical’s North Side Operations installed and commissioned its chlorine storage facility which meant for the first time a Chlorine Response Team was required. The primary purpose of this team is to respond to any emergency that involves the onsite chlorine storage facility.

As part of the recruitment of suitable personnel for this team, Coogee Chemicals decided to screen each candidate with a PREMFA® assessment. Based on the results of the PREMFA® assessment, candidates then needed to either undergo a set of general functional assessments or specific functional assessments.

Andy Johnston, Coogee Chemical’s Emergency Response and Security Co-Ordinator, said the use of the PREMFA® assessment as a first step in recruitment was an innovative step forward in the development of the Chlorine Response Team. Mr Johnston said Coogee Chemicals will be using the PREMFA® process annually to re-assess each of the individuals in the current Chlorine Response Team to ensure that they are both mentally and physically capable of performing the tasks in an emergency situation if called on.

Mr Johnston is also keen to have this approach brought in for all current Emergency Response Teams across the Coogee Chemical business nationally, given PREMFA’s® simplicity for all concerned along with its efficiency and cost effectiveness.