PREMFA Pre-employment Assessments

PREMFA® significantly reduces costs, reduces timeframes from weeks to minutes, and increases onboarding efficiency.

PREMFA® Features

Mobile friendly

All the components of the PREMFA® platform are mobile friendly so candidates, onboarding personnel, HR personnel and management can easily access and use it on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

Mobile friendly admin portal

One stop administration portal

The heart of the PREMFA® platform is the administration platform that makes it easy for onboarding personnel to invite candidates, track their progress, assist on the rare occasion they have problems, edit their details, download assessment reports, view summary details and download summary reports.

The administration portal is secure and mobile friendly allowing onboarding personnel, HR professionals and company management to manage candidates anywhere they have an internet connection.

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PREMFA manage candidates on web browser

Simple to use assessment tool

Candidates interact with the PREMFA® platform using the mobile friendly assessment tool after receiving an email invite.

The very simple to use assessment tool only asks candidates the questions they need to answer based on their previous entries, saving them time and minimising frustration.  

It usually only takes about 10-20 minutes to complete the assessment and responses are automatically saved so candidates can return to the assessment tool multiple times until it is complete.  Questions are easy to understand and most are multiple choice.  More detail is only asked for if needed.

PREMFA manage candidates on web browser

Super fast analysis engine

The PremoSMART® analysis engine is the brains of the PREMFA® platform and it assesses candidate responses using a powerful algorithm, Artificial Intelligence (AI), more than 20 years of experience and data from Fit for Work pre employment assessments.

PremoSMART® is constantly evolving and improving, ensuring that the assessment results are accurate and minimising the number of candidates that need to go for further assessment.

Typically candidates are assessed within minutes saving candidates and organisations time and effort and minimising organisation lost opportunity costs.

Smart algorithm at work

Comprehensive but easy to read and understand report

The PREMFA® Risk Assessment Report summarised the key information about the candidate, together with a clear indication of the risk assessment for the candidate and recommended next actions.

No more decyphering latin terms and second guessing what the assessor thought of the candidate.

Fast reporting