Change the way you assess your workers' fitness for work

"But we've always done it this way"

Imagine if you didn't have send ALL your candidates to a doctor or an occupational physician to be assessed before deployment. If there was a way to generate a Fit For Work risk score based on their medical (case history and medications) and physical (functionality) attributes. Then you could use this to determine if further assessments would be required. Or not! 

And you could use the data to monitor the health of your workforce over time.

It’s like using science and technology to back up your people assessments.

Smarter. More reliable. More efficient. Risk-based.

"Which industries would most benefit from PREMFA®?"

Any that recruit or onboard workers who are in physically demanding jobs and are at risk of workplace injuries. The highest percentage of workplace injuries are musculoskeletal, and can be linked to manual tasks and labour.

  • Mining
  • Health and allied care (aged care)
  • Government
  • Defence
  • Prisons
  • Facility services (cleaning and catering)
  • Retail – supermarkets
  • Taxi driving and transport

"Whose role would most benefit from PREMFA®?"

  • HR services (recruitment)
  • Insurance – risk managers
  • CEOs / operational managers / business owners
  • OHS managers

If you’re looking to reduce overall recruitment costs, increase health awareness and knowledge of your workforce, minimise downtime, match the capacity of your workers with their roles, then give PREMFA® a try.