PREMFA® is faster, cheaper and easier to use

Revolutionising pre-employment medicals and functional assessments

Our PREMFA® platform is an easy to use, secure and smart online system which digitally ranks candidates based on their work role requirements and their Fit For Work risk. 

PREMFA® assesses the medical (case history and medications) and physical (functionality) attributes of the potential employee to generate a Fit For Work risk score, which is used to determine if further assessments are required.

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Saves you time and money

PREMFA® significantly reduces costs, reduces timeframes from weeks to minutes, and increases onboarding efficiency.

Smart algorithm

Based on 20+ years of experience performing industrial physiology assessments

Be an early adopter

Embrace a risk-based approach for each individual candidate; you don't have to assume everyone is at the same level of risk

Change the way you handle Fit For Work

Value PREMFA®’s consistent interpretations, useful reporting techniques, speedy results

The PREMFA® Process

WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY: "...72% of candidates not requiring either a pre-employment medical or functional assessment..."

“…we found the system to be user friendly, cost effective and reduced turnaround time by up to 60%, a critical consideration when dealing in the fast-moving shut down environment.” ~ F&G Cranes

The results from using the PREMFA® system to date include 72% of candidates not requiring either a pre-employment medical or functional assessment… it has improved the efficiency of our recruiting processes immensely and significantly improved a rapid project ramp up with no discernible increase in risk.”  ~ Novo Resources 

WHAT OUR EXPERTS SAY: "...reduce the need for unwarranted additional medical or functional assessments"

"Pre-employment medical and functional assessments have become ubiquitous in modern employment strategies for both blue-collar and white-collar roles. PREMFA®’ has demonstrated the ability to correctly classify a significant proportion of candidates using an efficient data collection process followed by an automatic classification process. Its application will help triage masses of potential applicants for a variety of roles and reduce the need for unwarranted additional medical and/or functional assessments."

Professor Tim Ackland (member of Premo System's Advisory Board)