Revolutionising your Fit For Work onboarding process

Don't assume ALL candidates require a pre-employment medical or functional assessment...

...because they are not all at the same level of risk.

Our system (PREMFA®) will take the pressure off your HR recruitment team's endless processes and transactions to onboard candidates. 

The online PREMFA® system collects each candidate's medical and physical attributes, then our algorithm matches this with their work role requirements. PREMFA® generates a Fit For Work risk score, which is used to determine if further assessments are required or if the candidate can start work straight away. 

It means you don't have to send every candidate for a physical in order for them to start work.

PREMFA® is based on 20 plus years of experience performing industrial physiology assessments.

Find out how PREMFA® can make your job easier

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We can make one of your jobs easier

PREMFA® is a self-serve, secure online platform for candidates to provide personal health and fitness information - it is available to them anywhere, anytime, (ideal for remotely-located candidates).

Saves you time and money

  • PREMFA® reduces costs and timeframes for workforce medical and functional assessments
  • PREMFA® increases your efficiency (minutes, not days)
  • The candidates do most of the work for you

You'll get useable results in two hours

  • No queues or wait times
  • No more coordinating mass medical appointments
  • Our reports will drop into your inbox within 2 hours so you'll know whether to recommend a candidate for work straight away

Reliable outcomes

  • PREMFA® delivers consistent interpretations
  • PREMFA® produces useful reports
  • PREMFA® utilises a risk-based approach for each individual candidate 

WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY: ...72% of candidates not requiring either a pre-employment medical or functional assessment...

“…we found the system to be user friendly, cost effective and reduced turnaround time by up to 60%, a critical consideration when dealing in the fast-moving shut down environment.” ~ F&G Cranes

The results from using the PREMFA® system to date include 72% of candidates not requiring either a pre-employment medical or functional assessment… it has improved the efficiency of our recruiting processes immensely and significantly improved a rapid project ramp up with no discernible increase in risk.”  ~ Novo Resources 

The PREMFA® Process

WHAT OUR EXPERTS SAY: ...reduce the need for unwarranted additional medical or functional assessments

"Pre-employment medical and functional assessments have become ubiquitous in modern employment strategies for both blue-collar and white-collar roles. PREMFA®’ has demonstrated the ability to correctly classify a significant proportion of candidates using an efficient data collection process followed by an automatic classification process. Its application will help triage masses of potential applicants for a variety of roles and reduce the need for unwarranted additional medical and/or functional assessments." ~ Professor Tim Ackland (member of Premo System's Advisory Board)