Pre-employment Medical and Functional Assessment Experts

Our PREMFA® system expedites the onboarding process whilst significantly reducing the cost and effort to ensure fitness to work for both the employer and the candidate.


The PREMFA® system is much faster than traditional methods for most candidates.

Onboarding personnel can process large numbers of candidates quickly, easily inviting them to undertake the PREMFA® Assessment Questionnaire using the PREMFA® Administration Portal.  Each candidate can be added to the portal and invited by entering a few simple fields, uploading two photos and clicking the invite button.  Candidates can be added and invited 24 hours a day and appointments don't need to be organised and reorganised when missed.

As soon as the candidate receives their invite, they can complete the PREMFA® Assessment Questionnaire, again 24 hours a day, even if they are remote from medical and functional assessment services.

Onboarding personnel are notified as soon as the PremoSMART Assessment Engine has completed processing the candidate response, which can be less than 1 minute but typically is within 5 minutes.

The assessment recommendation allows onboarding personnel to determine the next steps for the candidate quickly, whether that is to progress the candidate or to terminate their process.

Shortly after the assessment recommendation is delivered the Candidate Assessment Report is available which provides a summary of the candidate’s Fitness to Work which can be stored in the candidate’s personnel records.

From identifying a candidate to receiving the Candidate Assessment Report can be as little as 20 minutes, much faster than the 8-12 hours claimed as best practice by traditional providers.


Traditional methods of assessing Fitness to Work treat all candidates as high risk and the treatment of the high risk is costly.

Each PREMFA® Assessment costs less than 40% of traditional methods and the PREMFA® system identifies the candidates that are a very low to low risk of being Unfit for Work, which is most candidates.

Further, significant costs are saved by needing fewer onboarding personnel to process more candidates.

Easier to use

The PREMFA® System has been designed to solve the problems, time wasted and frustrations of onboarding personnel and candidates in participating in the Fitness to Work process.  The system has been designed to work wherever there is an internet connection, using a phone, tablet or computer, 24 hours a day. Candidates can complete their assessment while they are working remotely.  Onboarding personnel can organise and view assessments without having to coordinate with outside bodies.

Notifications are automated for both candidates and onboarding personnel, eliminating the need for chase ups and ensuring that all parties know what the current status.

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