Novo Resources Group

“The results from using the PREMFA® system to date include 72% of candidates not requiring either a pre-employment medical or functional assessment… it has improved the efficiency of our recruiting processes immensely and significantly improved a rapid project ramp up with no discernible increase in risk”


“As a global mining contractor, we use a variety of recruitment tools day-to-day and were pleasantly surprised by the advanced functionality of PREMFA®. 

We receive a high volume of job applications daily and PREMFA® helps us process these quickly and efficiently, simplifying some of our recruitment, medical assessment and on boarding processes. We’ve been using PREMFA® since the start-up of their business and can attest to their platform’s performance and excellent customer service.”

F & G Cranes

“As an Indigenous crane business, it is increasingly difficult to schedule timely candidate bookings for pre-employment assessments especially in regional or remote areas of WA, with delayed bookings, increasing costs and long turnaround times resulting in limitations to business performance. 

The solution was PREMFA® by PremoSystems. Having participated in a trial, we found the system to be user friendly, cost effective and reduced turnaround time by up to 60%, a critical consideration when dealing in the fast-moving shut down environment. 

PremoSystems was also exceptional and timely in providing support. As a company it has allowed us to stay on top of the labour recruitment game and we look forward to remaining a client of PremoSystems for many years.