Pacific Energy Project

My initial impression of using the PREMFA® process is that the online portal is very simple to use. Support from [Premo Systems] has been great and any questions/queries responded to straight away. I feel valued as a customer, not just another number. The report produced from the PREMFA® process is very simple and easy to read and interpret. It is also good to know that we can get a more detailed report if required. We don’t need it currently but great to have it as an option if required. ~ Lisa Cain, Accounts Manager, CPE Switchboards

I have only been required to add one new candidate onto the portal so far. The process took me less than 1 minute to upload the candidate information. Very simple and easy. I have viewed one of the reports generated. It appears to be very simplistic and straight forward information making it really easy to understand. Before I commenced, I completed the pre-employment medical questionnaire – I found it very user friendly. Mark seems very approachable and wants the program to be successful for the client using it. Good customer focus which is fantastic to see. ~ Janine Beatty, MVLV Admin, MVLV Power Solutions